SMART-i Wireless Water Detector

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Flood detection. Alerts sent to Smart-i gateway to trigger alarm. Simple installation. Manage and monitor via iPhone/Android app.

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  • The SMART-i Wireless Water Detector designed for indoor use, issues detection alerts that are sent directly to the gateway using the secure 868MHz wireless transmission. The gateway will then trigger other devices and actions including sirens, email, and push notifications that can be personalised and programmed by the user. This means you will never come home to a disaster.

    The SMART-i Wireless Water Detector allows you to always know if your home is in danger of water damage, whilst putting you in the position to take safety action no matter how far you are away from home.The Water Detector uses standard sized batteries with up to 2 years of battery life. Although it has a confident amount of battery life, the Water Detector will also use it’s low battery detection to alert the app when battery life is low.

    Up to 150m of transmission range is another feature that means any danger can be detected fast.If the impressive line of sight isn’t enough for you, the Wireless Water Detector is also easy and fast with it’s simple 30 seconds setup and pairing to the gateway using the SMART-i Protect App.

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  • Features

    • Indoor Use
    • Detection Alerts (Sirens, E-mail, Push Notifications)
    • 868MHz Wireless Transmission
    • Connection To Other Devices
    • Simple Setup
    • Long Life Batteries Provided (2 years)
    • Low Battery Detection Alert
    • Up to 150m Range (Line of Sight)