Danalock V3 BTZE (Bluetooth & Z-Wave)

£219.99 inc.VAT | £183.33 ex.VAT

The Danalock V3 BTZE has a new intriguing design with more than a decade of experience boiled down to one supreme product. Lock and unlock your door using your Smartphone with Bluetooth and Z-Wave Gateway.
Important: requires compatible lock cylinder

Adjustable Euro Cylinder

Support & Set Up


    You are the sole owner of your Danalock V3 BTZE. If you want others to have access to your home, you just create and send permanent, recurrent, or temporary access-keys via SMS or email. You can choose to receive a notification when the user accepts your invitation and whenever your lock is used.


    Mounting of the Danalock V3 is easier than ever. Just fit it over the bracket and turn it to snap it on.
    The only SmartLock to fit any region globally – from US and Europe to Japan.


    Install the Danalock App on your phone in seconds and be guided fast and easy through the calibration and setup of your Danalock. Important: requires compatible lock cylinder.

    Danalock V3 BTZE TwistAssist

    Turn the handle slightly and the door locks or unlocks and lights up in red or green. Get notified when your lock is used – and by whom.


    Interoperability has always been a cornerstone in Danalock products. The V3 is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available, and is setting new standard in cross platform interoperability.

    Let Danalock sence you are near and trigger all your smart home commands. Compatible with Amazon Echo, Nest, IFTTT, Harmony, Bluetooth Smart, Z-Wave, Zigbee and HomeKit. Danalock delivers full SDKs and APIs for full partner integration.

    See Media Tab for detailed product specification.

    If require more information on Danalock and installation services, please contact us.

  • Features

    • Product Dimension: 59mm x 59mm
    • Item Weight: (195g incl. batteries) (130g ex. batteries)
    • Batteries: 4 CR123A (not included)
    • Radio: BLE/HomeKit/Zigbee
    • Material/Finish: Anodized Aluminum/ABS
    • Average Battery Life: 9000 cycles
    • Colour: Silver