BEKEY OrangeBox

Open doors or gates with commands from your phone or tablet using the BEKEY app for iOS and Android. Smart, secure and easy to use.

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  • BEKEY OrangeBox opens doors/gates based on commands from smart phones/tablets via BEKEY app.

    The BEKEY OrangeBox Bluetooth Access Control Receiver turns your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet into a key by connecting to and activating nearly any electronic access control device. This includes garage door openers, gate openers, electric door strikes, intercom systems, etc. For example, when you arrive home and need to unlock your front door, simply take out your smartphone, pull up the free BEKEY mobile app, and press “Open”. The Bluetooth receiver will recognise your smartphone as an authorised device and unlock the door for you — no turnkey needed.

    You can authorise access for additional people by sending unique “keys” to their own Bluetooth mobile devices. Restrict when their keys are active, receive notifications when their keys are used, and more.

    • Enables keyless unlocking via Bluetooth
    • Free app for iOS and Android mobile devices
    • Works with garage door openers, door strikes, and more
    • Supports multiple authorized devices for family/guest access
    • Secured by robust 256-bit encryption to prevent hacking


    The BEKEY OrangeBox Bluetooth Access Control Receiver wires into your access control device to enable Bluetooth communication with 256-bit encryption (receiver unit does not require any Wi-Fi connection). Only when an authorised mobile device is in range can the lock be opened with the app via Bluetooth, ensuring your security. The lock may also be opened in a traditional way (pressing a garage door wall button, for example) when Bluetooth control is either unnecessary or unavailable.


    Settings for your BEKEY OrangeBox Bluetooth receiver are customisable through either the free mobile app or your free online account where you can access the NETKEY web-based software. Through the app or software, you can send “keys” to family members, friends, and temporary guests as needed. You can also delete keys anytime to revoke access.

    Furthermore, you have the option of limiting when a specific key is active by sending a special type of “time-limited key.” Perfect for maid services, repair services, house-sitters, rental property guests and more, these keys can be restricted to provide access only on certain days of the week and/or certain times of day.

    bekey-app-screenshot-restrictions bekey-app-screenshot-users

    Customisable BEKEY settings include:

    • Add authorised users by sending “keys” to their devices
    • Delete users or restrict access anytime
    • Set access schedules for each authorised use
    • See who is coming and going
    • Send an SMS text message to users when you make changes
    • Receive an SMS text message when the door is opened
    • Manage multiple BEKEY units through a single account/app
    • Give/remove administrative access to/from specific users

    Because the mobile app lets you access settings for multiple BEKEY units, you have the option of installing several BEKEY OrangeBox Bluetooth receivers around your home. Use your smartphone to unlock any entryway you wish, such as your front door, back door, garage door, gate, and more.


    To find out more about NetKey click here

    NETKEY is BEKEY’s cloud-based software for digital access administration and distribution

    • Complete control & real-time overview of all your access points
    • Manage unlimited access points
    • Distribute standard (indefinite) or limited-time digital keys
    • Option to create key bundles
    • Secured with high-level encryption
    • Comprehensive audit-trail
    • Easy to learn & user-friendly platform
    • Unlimited number of users
    • SMS notifications

    For pricing and more information on how to integrate Bekey with your working environment please contact us.


  • Features

    • Works with electric strikes, gate systems, mag-lock systems, garage doors, intercom system etc.
    • Can be configured as a Bluetooth® LE-only device.


    • Case: ABS-plastic
    • Voltage: 6V-24V AC RMS /DC
    • Dimensions: L: 87 mm (3.43 in) W: 31 mm (1.22 in) H: 13 mm (0.51 in)
    • Maximum Load on relay: Max. 24V AC RMS /DC 1.0A
    • Weight: 35 g
    • Technology: Bluetooth® Dual Mode (2.1 and 4.0)
    • Compatibility: iPhone 4S and newer, iOS 8 or newer, Android 2.3++
    • Key Management Operating System: NETKEY (web based access)
    • Key opening App: Free BEKEY App available from download store
    • Installation: Connects directly to an electric strike and to power supply. Can be mounted with double sided tape or using a cable tie through the cable eye on the box


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