Clever Bluetooth-enabled sturdy protective box for safekeeping of keys/access cards. Manage access with the BEKEY app for Android and iOS.

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  • BeKey’s KeyBox is a bluetooth enabled device which is simply a sturdy and protective box for the safekeeping of keys and access cards.

    The design of the KeyBox makes it resistant to picking attempts and setting up of the box is straight forward. The KeyBox is mounted with 4 screws on to the wall and the screws are inserted within the interior of the box. In the eventuality of a power shortage, the key can still be retrieved from the box, as it runs on batteries. As an added safety measure, the BeKey KeyBox has also got an emergency inlet for power supply.

    Instead of checking out keys and keeping records for them, you can now store them in the BeKey KeyBox that is accessible via a bluetooth enabled mobile device. In order to use the KeyBox, download the free BeKey App on your mobile phone or tablet, mount the key box and distribute digital keys.

    The digital keys are distributed to the smartphone/ tablet of the users, and the administrator has a complete and real-time overview over who accessed the key box.


    To find out more about NetKey click here

    NETKEY is BEKEY’s cloud-based software for digital access administration and distribution

    • Complete control & real-time overview of all your access points
    • Manage unlimited access points
    • Distribute standard (indefinite) or limited-time digital keys
    • Option to create key bundles
    • Secured with high-level encryption
    • Comprehensive audit-trail
    • Easy to learn & user-friendly platform
    • Unlimited number of users
    • SMS notifications

    For pricing and more information on how to integrate BEKEY with your working environment please contact us.


  • Features

    • Up to 8,000 openings or 3-year standby time

    Mechanical Data

    • Case: Zinc-alloy


    • Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA-batteries  plus an inlet for emergency supply
    • Dimensions L: 6.5 cm (2.53 in) // W: 8.5 cm (3.34 in) // H: 12.86 cm (5.06 in)
    • Weight: 1361 g (3 lbs.)
    • Material: Zinc alloy
    • Installation: The unit is mounted on the wall with 4 screws or bolts
    • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +60°C / -13°F to 140°F
    • Technology: Bluetooth® LE (Bluetooth® Smart)
    • Compatibility: iPhone 4S and newer, iOS 8 or newer, Android 4.3++
    • Key Management Operating System: NETKEY (web based access)
    • Key opening App: Free BEKEY App available from download store
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