TSG-750 Fingerprint, RFID Card, Keypad, SD Drive


Time & Attendance Access Control solution with Fingerprint & RFID card. Choice of standard finger reader or professional LE (light emitting).


Power Adaptor

Support & Set Up Services

Available with standard Optical fingerprint reader or with our professional and high performance LE fingerprint sensor which can read the most difficult fingerprints in all demanding environments as well as spoof fake fingerprints!

The LE pro sensor out performs all the other optical sensors, we cannot praise this reader enough, it has performed perfectly where all the other finger readers have failed! This system mounts on your wall and requires a nearby mains power socket for a 12 volt power adapter or alternatively can be powered over the network cable using PoE (power over ethernet) making for a professional and neat install.

You can interface with our XE computer software by network cable or stand alone download to a micro SD memory card.

The TSG-750 is a professional and high performance clocking in machine which features many qualities which include revolutionary light emitting sensor selection (LE), easy installation, user friendly management, HD colour display, various access control function, a micro SD memory card, P2P function, VOIP function (video phone) and many more. To see a more detailed description of the high performance terminal, take a look at the features tab.

For more information and volume incentive discounts please contact us.


  • Superior Spoof Detection
  • Fast and accurate user authentication
  • Performs well in harsh environmental conditions
  • Scratch resistance
  • Fingerprint sensor selection: Optical sensor, or LE
  • Face Detection Technology, scan finger and card plus capture face
  • Easy installation using PoE and WiFi
  • Standalone & Network Connection (P2P, RS 485, TCP/IP, Wireless)
  • Icon menu for administrator
  • Product extension connecting external fingerprint reader (TSG 150, Max 4 units)
  • 4.3” full touch screen with easy to use GUI
  • Current Time/Operation Mode/Function Button
  • Anti-pass back function
  • Limited access setup
  • Max 256 time zone setup
  • Upload and download user’s fingerprint/card/password
  • Save access events
  • Firmware update
  • IP based video and audio interface
  • Intercom functionality


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