Anviz L100K Fingerprint Door Lock

£349.99 inc.VAT | £291.66 ex.VAT

The L100k has been replaced by the Anviz Ultraloq Fingerprint & Keypad Access Control Door Lock  an intelligent, standalone, wireless smart lock with fingerprint, key code or mobile app authentication. Ideal for small to medium businesses.

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  • Secure a room easily with the Anviz L100K fingerprint reader door lock

    The L100K offers maximum convenience, open your door by simply applying a fingerprint… you’ll never need to search your pockets or purse for your keys again. The reversible handle feature allows for convenient DIY installation for residential or commercial use. Furthermore the L100K utilises a TI chip for lower power consumption, this ensures that a door can be opened 15 000 times with just 4 x AA batteries.

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    Please note: L100K Smart Lock is designed for indoor use.

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  • Features

    • Identification modes: fingerprint, password
    • 4 AA batteries for one year (30 times door-open/day)
    • Capacity: 99 users
    • Professional and elegant design, compact and stylish
    • Anviz optical fingerprint reader – scratch-proof
    • Strong zinc alloy front panel. Splash-proof, stable and reliable
    • Intuitive Nixie tube display
    • Single latch for easy installation – user can change the handle direction (reversible)
    • Independent clutch motor design. Optional handle can fit different use habit,  Reversible handle. Free rotation
    • LED indicator and inbuilt musical buzzer
    • Backup mechanical key for emergency open
    • Unique RF key design, caring for the elder people and children in your family
    • Free entry feature for office use
    • USA Ti chip of low consumption
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