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GoHandsFree: Contactless time and attendance terminals

In these unprecedented times of social distancing it’s important to consider your clocking in terminals, especially if a fingerprint or palm is required. Contactless time & attendance and access control devices can help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the working environment. The biometric terminals below offer contactless time logging and access control through facial recognition and RFID cards and tags. This means employees and visitors can avoid having to touch the same terminal (or pen) when entering / leaving a building or workplace. Rest assured, these biometric facial recognition terminals are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that can accurately identify a user without them having to remove their protective masks or PPE clothing.

Facial recognition & temperature screening

Reduce the risk of contagion with temperature screening & mask detection solutions for Access Control and Time & Attendance. Through merging temperature screening technology with facial recognition, site managers can know the exact time and location of their employees, as well as what risk staff and visitors may carry through detecting fevers.

Once the terminals are installed and the employees are registered, users merely have to look at the terminal and it will record their attendance and real-time temperature within a split second.

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RFID cards or tags

If you have an existing fingerprint time and attendance device it may already be able to use RFID cards or tags. Most of our Anviz and ZKTeco terminals have RFID as a secondary identification mode. This negates the need to have human contact with the clocking terminal.

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These solutions are compatible with a selection of time & attendance and access control software and cloud based services.

For more information on what solution would best fit your environment please contact us.


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