New Phone with Cocoon

I’ve got a new phone, what do I do?

Installing from a backup

If you regularly backup your phone, whether iOS or Android, you should be able to sync your existing data from your old phone to your new phone.

Once synced, your Cocoon app should work on your new phone without any further action needed, but do remember to delete the app from your old device.

Inviting from your old phone, or another member of the Cocoon ‘Household’

If you’re unable to backup, but your old phone still works, or you have other members in your Cocoon’s ‘household’, you can invite your new phone to join again.

You can do this by opening your Cocoon app, selecting ‘Your Cocoon’ and tapping ‘Invite New Member’.

What to do if you’ve lost/broken your old phone with no backup, and no other users in your Cocoon ‘Household’

In this scenario, you’ll have to reset your Cocoon and start as new. Please follow the instructions on how to factory reset your Cocoon right – Here

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