Multiple Users with Cocoon

Can you add multiple users to one Cocoon?

Yes – and you should!

All the residents and regular visitors to your house should be sent an invitation link and install the Cocoon app. This will allow Cocoon to know when your house should be occupied and should be empty, to allow it to learn and let you know if your house seems occupied when it shouldn’t be.

You can find out how to add another member to your household here.

All paired household members will have access to the same Cocoon functions, including the live video stream, siren and manual arming/disarming functions. They will not, however, be able to remove other household members or download alert videos – these features are only accessible to the ‘Owner’ of the household (the first person to set up Cocoon).

In the near future, Cocoon will be looking to further improve User Management to include the choice to add household members with limited access to certain functions.

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