Lost or Stolen Ironkey

What happens if I loose/someone steals my Ironkey?


Your data is 100% safe; it is password protected and encrypted using AES256 CBC encryption. Furthermore, the IronKey is physically tamper-proof (as described above). If a lost Ironkey is found anyone attempting to use the device will be presented with a lost and found message asking the person to return the IronKey to the rightful owner.


If your IronKey is stolen (or lost and falls into the wrong hands) then be assured that your data is 100% safe. If anyone tries to guess the password they only have 10 attempts to do so. Once 10 guessed have been tried the IronKey will self-destruct or wipe the data held on it (depending on your settings).
With the IronKey Enterprise Solution, Administrators can use the Silver Bullet Service to immediately destroy the stolen IronKey.
Knowing that your data is 100% secure gives IronKey users the surety that their data is safe and allows them to comply with a variety of Legalities including the Data Protection Act, the ICO office etc…..

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