Danalock: Lost Phone

If you lose your phone you can still log into your account on another phone. For safety we recommend that you follow this procedure:

  • Delete your compromised locks
  • Change your account password
  • Press “Logout all users” in the top right corner of my.danalock.com
  • Re-enroll your locks

This procedure will generate new access codes and revoke access to anyone but yourself.

Reset your password by going to the login screen in the Danalock app.

  • Select “Forgot password” and follow the instructions

You can also:

  • Login at my.danalock.com
  • Select “View profile” in the roll-down menu at the top right corner
  • Scroll down to the first green-edged box with your username
  • Enter and confirm your password as directed
  • Select “Save”

Your new password is now saved, and you will be logged out of the my.danalock.com site. If you are using IFTTT, changing your password will also affect this connection.

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