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Time & Attendance, Access Control

ZK Tech is a multinational enterprise, that specialises in the manufacture and development of time and attendance and access control technology.

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iClock H8

ZK Technology iClock H8

H8 is a friendly use plug-in solution for time and attendance recording using fingerprints. 3" TFT screen, functions keys to select in and out, scheduled-bell, SMS, etc. Stores up to 500 fingerprint templates & up to 50,000 log records. USB download data when in standalone mode. SD Card, USB-Host, USB-client.

Only £124.99 ex VAT
(£149.99 inc VAT) Part no. iclockh8
Manufacturer Product Detail: iClock H8

iClock 560

ZK Technology iClock 560

iClock-560 is a Time & Attendance terminal with incorporated fingerprint sensor and display. Stores up to 30,000 users and 8,000 templates. Stores up to 200,000 log records without PC download. USB data download in standalone mode. TCP/IP port to communicate with PC

Only £194.99 ex VAT
(£233.99 inc VAT) Part no. iclock560
Manufacturer Product Detail: iClock 560

iClock 660

ZK Technology iClock 660

iClock-660 is a Time & Attendance terminal with incorporated fingerprint sensor and display. Easy to install and with a modern design. It incorporates 1,3M pixels camera for taking user photos and sending black/white photos lists to the server. The color TFT display offers users easy menu management.

Only £316.66 ex VAT
(£379.99 inc VAT) Part no. iclock660
Manufacturer Product Detail: iClock 660

iClock 680

ZK Technology iClock 680

iClock-680 is based on ZEM600 platform allowing more memory capacity and professional firmware functions. Connects to Time & Attendance management software by Ethernet, USB (also works by Wifi and GPRS) or operates standalone, downloading data by USB pendrive.

Only £333.33 ex VAT
(£399.99 inc VAT) Part no. iclock680
Manufacturer Product Detail: iClock 680

iClock 700

ZK Technology iClock 700

iClock700 is a Time & Attendance and access control terminal with incorporated ZK fingerprint sensor, 3'5 TFT display and internal backup battery. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations. The iClock 700 includes an internal battery and Fingerprint cover.

Only £358.33 ex VAT
(£429.99 inc VAT) Part no. iclock700
Manufacturer Product Detail: iClock 700

VF380 Time & Attendance with Access Control

ZK Technology iVF380

VF380 is a new generation facial identification terminal, with Face, RFID and PIN Recognition mode. With latest facial algorithm ZK Face 7.0 and large capacity ZEM810 platform, it holds 200 face templates without dividing groups, and its verification time is less than 1 second.

Only £291.66 ex VAT
(£349.99 inc VAT) Part no. VF380
Manufacturer Product Detail: VF380


ZK Technology MultiBio700

Users can identify or verify themsleves either by face, finger, card ID or PIN/Password. The TFT color touch screen of MulitiBio 700 provides ease of use and a rich user experience. It uses state of the art 3D imaging technology while also providing hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication.

Only £299.99 ex VAT
(£359.99 inc VAT) Part no. MB700
Manufacturer Product Detail: MB700


ZK Technology TF1700

TF1700 is a small IP-based fingerprint terminals used for access control and time attendance. With its IP65 rated rugged waterproof and weatherproof structure, Offers durability for weather conditions including outdoors. Standalone applications such as house, office, shop, garage, factory and others.

Only £233.33 ex VAT
(£279.99 inc VAT) Part no. TF1700
Manufacturer Product Detail: TF1700


ZK Technology MA300

MA300 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering high performance, reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. Features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and high quality optical sensor. Great for Education sector

Only £169.99 ex VAT
(£203.99 inc VAT) Part no. MA300
Manufacturer Product Detail: MA300


ZK Technology SCR100

SCR-100 is an access control terminal with incorporated proximity reader (EM by default). It's the perfect solution for small and medium access control installations. Connects to access control management software by Ethernet or RS232/485 port. Also operates in standalone mode via USB pendrive.

Only £124.99 ex VAT
(£149.99 inc VAT) Part no. SCR-100
Manufacturer Product Detail: SCR-100

L7000 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

ZK Technology L7000

The fingerprint lock offers state-of-the-art single door management solution that provides you with unmatched options that comes with OLED. You can verify a person and open the door with fingerprint and password.

Only £249.99 ex VAT
(£299.99 inc VAT) Part no. ZKL7000
Manufacturer Product Detail: L7000

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